Low quality websites

There are some websites which are generally just low quality, offering little or no value to the internet. These are typically ‘thin’ websites with poor quality content, and no real audience or traffic.

Link directories, article submission sites, scraper websites and blogs created solely for adding links are the main types of low quality websites, but this is by no means a definitive list.

If you believe that a website falls into this category, it is highly likely to be doing more harm than good, and you should remove the link.


Just because a site is badly designed doesn’t mean that it’s a low quality website. In fact, some old websites which aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing might just be some of the best links pointing to your website!

bad design example

By modern standards a poor looking website, but it has some great SEO metrics.

De-indexed sites

Sometimes a quick way to check if a site is low quality is to do a site search for it in Google site:add-domain-here.com

If no pages from the domain, or only a few are returned and it’s a big site, it means something is causing Google not to index it.

De-indexed website example

The corec.org.uk dropped domain that has been de-indexed in Google


Log into your analytics package and see how many referrals that site has generated. If it is none or only a few, then it’s another indication of a low quality site and a link that is of no value to users. In many cases, such links should be marked for removal.

Referral traffic examples

Top 10 referrals from Google Analytics for a typical website